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You need your employees trained and certified efficiently with minimal impact on operations. Four Corners Innovations brings efficient, cost-effective, IADC Certified training to your facility with flexible scheduling options so employees can get recertified and back in the field.

We’re experts in the oil and gas industry with a reputation for excellence 

Four Corners Innovations is a nonprofit affiliate of San Juan College located in Farmington, New Mexico. Our community has been producing natural gas and oil for over 100 years and continues to be a leader in the energy industry.


FCI travels throughout the United States to provide quality training to oil and gas professionals. 


Our instructors have a combined 100+ years of industry experience with several still working in the field.


We understand the importance of having good trainers who can garner students’ attention and effectively deliver the most up-to-date curriculum.


Our knowledgeable and caring instructors will work with your employees to ensure they pass — on the first try!

Here’s some of the feedback about our well control instructors

“Great instructor. Fun class to be in.”

“Very informative and knowledgeable.”

“Instructor provided really good examples and explanations.”

“Instructor worked well with the class.”

“Good examples. Created good class flow and class chemistry.”


IADC WellSharp Certification Courses

Four Corners Innovations offers three IADC WellSharp certification courses. Each course meets the biennial requirement to either maintain certification or obtain initial certification.


The trainings are delivered in person over five days and can be customized to accommodate your scheduling needs, such as evening or weekend classes. 

Because of our affiliation with a community college with a long history in oil and gas, we’re able to offer trainings at a fraction of the cost of most providers. 


WellSharp, Drilling & Workover Completion Combination, Supervisor Level


This supervisor-level course is designed to equip participants with tools and strategies to address well control situations.


The course is appropriate for employees with oversight responsibilities such as managers, wellsite leaders, company men, and engineers. 


The curriculum covers:


  • Kicks warning signs

  • Shut-in procedures

  • Calculations

  • Kill sheets completion

  • Workover operational aspects 

  • Well control procedures


The five-day course includes WellSharp test time.


WellSharp Workover Completion & Interventions Combination, Supervisor Level


This supervisor-level course is for employees with oversight responsibilities such as managers, wellsite leaders, company men, and engineers. 


The curriculum covers:

  • Workover operational aspects and procedures of well control

  • Coil tubing

  • Snubbing

  • Wireline


The five-day course includes WellSharp test time.


WellSharp Workover Completion & Interventions Combination, Operator Level


This operator-level course is for employees who work as oil and gas service company operators.


The curriculum covers:

  • Workover operational aspects and procedures of well control

  • Coil tubing

  • Snubbing

  • Wireline 


The five-day course includes WellSharp test time.

***Courses are priced per student. If you’ll be sending 10 or more employees to the training, please call us for pricing. Travel fees apply and vary depending on the training location.

Jicarilla Drilling Rig.jpg

Well Control Training Frequently Asked Questions

Are FCI well control training courses IADC certified?

Yes. Four Corners Innovations, through our parent institution San Juan College, is a fully accredited WellSharp training provider.


Our instructors adhere to the highest standards to deliver the most up-to-date curriculum to equip your team with tools to safely manage day-to-day operations and address well control situations when they arise. 

What is the minimum score to pass the test?

Students must pass the test with 75% or higher for certification.

What is your first-time pass rate?

FCI has a high first-attempt pass rate thanks to our knowledgeable and caring instructors and our in-person format of teaching. All of our instructors have a first-attempt pass rate in excess of 90%. 


One of our instructor’s first-time-attempt pass rate is over 95%.

What if a student doesn't pass the first time?

We are dedicated to student success! Prior to testing, if our instructor can tell anyone is struggling, they will tutor the participant. We want everyone to succeed!


If someone doesn’t pass the first time, the FCI instructor will work with and tutor the student so they’ll be successful on their second attempt. And the second test is free.

How long is my certification good for?

2 years

Do you require a minimum number of students per class?

Yes. You must have at least seven students for FCI to conduct training for your company. 

Do you offer discounts for large classes?

Yes. We offer discounts for classes of 10 or more people. Reach out for more information.

Do you offer online training?

Our priority is our students’ success. All FCI WellSharp certification courses are conducted in person. This format provides an optimum learning environment for higher first-attempt pass rates.

Is the course required for recertification or can I just take the test?

Each student must take the full course every two years prior to testing for recertification. 

How is the test delivered?

Exams are taken online and are proctored.

How many instructors will be teaching my class? 

One instructor for groups of up to 18 participants, which is the max class size IADC allows.

What is your cancellation policy? 

Should you need to cancel a previously scheduled class, non-recoverable fees and expenses will be billed to you.

When is payment due? 

30 days after training.

Why should we select FCI as our IADC training provider?

As a business unit of San Juan College and with its relationship to the School of Energy, FCI shares a long history of training the workforce for our global industry partners. Train your team with the best to be the best. Our training is convenient and cost-effective.


Contact Four Corners Innovations

For more information about IADC WellSharp certification courses or to schedule a training, please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you.

You may also contact us by phone at (505) 566-3402.

What trainig are you requesting?

Thank you for inquiring with FCI! Someone will be in contact soon.

Call us at (505) 566-3402

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